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Farm & Ranchowners or Agri Insurance


Knorpp Insurance Agency offers a vast array of markets that specialize in Farm & Ranch and AGRI Insurance.  We have one company that offers a product tailored exclusively for the Equine industry.  

Highlights of our AGRI Policy

The policy includes agricultural property and liability coverage, including dwellings, farm structures, personal property, personal liability, out of state property and liability, and umbrella.  Automobile coverage may be written on a separate policy.

Superior protection from one of the nation’s leading agricultural insurers.

Policy flexibility to tailor coverage to meet specific needs of each insured.

Packaging of property, liability, umbrella and mortality onto a single policy.

Pricing features available to fit unique equine risk characteristics & rewarding accounts with above average upkeep and loss records.

Specialized liability coverage designed to meet the needs of the equine industry, like “off premises” liability protection for you regardless if your animal is at a race, show, boarding facility, etc.

Dwelling coverage that meet or exceed the best of the homeowner’s  coverage available.

Newly acquired or constructed dwellings or farms structures automatically covered for up to 60 days.

Replacement cost on farm machinery and equipment available.

Equine care, custody or control liability coverage, including transit of non-owned horses while in the insured’s care, custody and control is available.

Valuable personal items such as jewelry, furs, silverware, and fine arts may be scheduled with no deductible.

Livestock mortality is available including theft and emergency colic surgery.

Agri umbrella liability is available with limits of $1 million to $10 million for excess limits above underlying insurance for liability and business auto coverage – higher limits available.

Professional liability coverage available for horse professionals such as judges, trainers and clinic instructors.